As a multidisciplinary designer, I love combining lines, simple shapes and text, turning them into creative visual communication. This expression of communication and problem solving is what drew me to become a graphic designer. ​Outside of being hardworking, determined and empathetic, I enjoy being creative, and I find being curious, organized and reliable, helps to fuse my abilities and passion for design. 

My life growing up has always been a creative one, from dancing and singing to sewing cat ears for cosplay to building a hanging bed out of bamboo and pallet wood for my major in graphic design. Being inspired by the world around me, I have always strived to make impacts that will change not just my community for the better but one day the world. As someone who sees the world from a unique perspective, it drives me to be the multidisciplinary creative I am; an out-of-the-box thinker, a cosplayer, a builder, a designer.

One can not fit a lifetime of experience into a few words. Click on the links below to view my resume, Instagram, or reach out by email to learn more about my work and, by extension me.