UX Project: Chef's Assistant

Chef's Assistant is a cooking app targeted at professional chefs in the restaurant industry. For this project, the objective was to develop the concept behind our cooking app and focus on developing two areas of the app: registration, login and the recipe book. ​

The problem that existed is there are no apps for chefs and cooks in the kitchen/ restaurant. The restaurant apps covered the tasks for the front of house or restaurant management. While cooking apps left much to be desired, especially in editing and building recipes. 

The solution was to develop a concept that would improve/ streamline the workflow between kitchen staff. It needed to cover recipe building/ creating, editing and sharing, inventory tracking, a task list and a schedule.

The methods used to develop this app concept were competitive and heuristic analysis, assumptions,  interviews, surveys and user observations. Using this information, we proceeded to design the task flows, wireframes and a prototype for the app. Focusing on the login, registration and cookbook for the restaurant’s recipes. 

The process can be viewed below.

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Sketches and Task Flows

Low Fidelity Wireframe

High Fidelity Wireframe


Designed by Kathy-Ann Scantlebury and Beatrice Angulo