The Human Resources Development logo was designed for a government logo competition, which I won. It became the official logo for the government of Barbados' Human Resource Development Strategy, by which the brand's legacy can be seen in other designers' artwork.

​The design process started with utilizing keywords about the Human Resource Development Strategy program from their brief; multi-sector, growth, harmony, dynamic and innovation. The design of five three dimensional towers at varying levels was used to represent the five keywords and five goals found in their mission statement, each tower representing a goal. Using the abbreviation HRD gives the logo a more dynamic and innovative feel. 

​After researching colours and their meanings, it was determined to use orange, yellow, blue and green. Their reasons are as follows: orange for humanism and warmth, yellow for intelligence, innovation and inspiration, blue for authority (as it is a government program), security, harmony and unity and green to show growth, integrating key points from the mission statement. The colours blue and yellow doubles as a representation of the clours of the Barbados flag. 

Below is the Design process for Human Resource Development.

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Design Process


Digitized Logos

State Barbados flag on a wooden backgrou
State Barbados flag on a wooden backgrou

Colour System

colour and type-01.jpg
State Barbados flag on a wooden backgrou

Brand, Print and Web Typefaces

State Barbados flag on a wooden backgrou

Brand in Use